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  • 300HT: 400 lb (182 kg) capacity of 18 in (450 mm) electrodes
  • 900HT: 1100 lb (500 kg) capacity of 18 in (450 mm) electrodes
  • Thermostatic control
  • Circular oven chamber promotes airflow and consistent heating

Phoenix International offers a high temperature series of welding rod ovens. These ovens offer an increased maximum temperature to allow for the holding AND baking of electrodes.

For more information on the high temperature oven series, please contact Phoenix International at or 414-973-3300.

Capacity: 400 pounds of 18in (450mm) electrodes (300HT) or 1,100 pounds of 18in (450mm) electrodes (900HT)
Voltage: 120/240 Volts - Single phase (300HT) or 240 Volts - Single phase (900HT)
Temperature: 100°F - 660°F Adjustable
Heating element: 1,500 watts (300HT) or 4,000 watts (900HT)
Thermostat: Adjustable with indicator light
Shelved compartments: 6 compartments (300HT) or 10 compartments (900HT)
Insulation: Fiberglass batt (2.00 inches)
Chamber depth: 19.00 inches (300HT) or 28.00 inches (900HT)
Chamber diameter: 18.00 inches (300HT) or 30.00 inches (900HT)