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DryRod flux baking ovens for the weld shop
The Type 750HT bakes flux to remove moisture
  • 680 lb capacity
  • Allows for the re-baking and re-conditioning of flux
  • Dispensing gate valve
  • Adjustable thermostatic control
  • PN 1201801 (3/480V), PN 1201802 (3/240V)

Used flux or flux that is exposed to moisture can be reclaimed and rebaked to return it to desired conditions. The DryRod Type 750HT is a high performance re-baking oven that is ideal for re-baking flux to exact specifications. The oven features a Love brand digital controller to program temperature profiles for automatic re-baking and holding of flux.

The Type 750HT ovens operate between 100°–800°F (38°–425°C) and are heavily insulated to minimize heat loss. Heating elements are protected from direct contact with the flux, preventing flux burning. The flux is loaded through the top and unloaded through an adjustable gate valve, providing welders easy access throughout the workday.

Voltage: 240 Volts - Three phase
Temperature: 100°F - 800°F Adjustable
Heating element: 6,000 watts
Thermostat: Digital adjustable controller with pilot light
Insulation: Fiberglass batt (4.00 inches)
Flux chamber: 8.60 cubic feet