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The EcoPRO is an Economic Portable Rod Oven offering a budget conscious alternative for an electrode oven. This model is ideal for large projects needing multiple single-use ovens or for students just getting into the welding industry.
EcoPRO with cord
Keep your electrodes dry with minimal investment.
  • 10 lb (5 kg) storage capacity for electrode quivers
  • “Power on” indicator light
  • Dual handles for easy carrying
  • Base shoes for stability
  • Versatile design with laydown option and adjustability for any terrain
  • Rod elevator with hook for easy access to electrodes
  • CE tested
  • Backed by Phoenix’s one-year warranty

The EcoPRO is a no-frills, 10 lb, portable oven that will keep your stick electrodes moisture-free. This economic oven is ideal both for large jobs that require a “temporary” oven and for independent welders who want to ensure the quality of their welds.

Some jobs require multiple ovens to do the job correctly, but the transportation and storage of the ovens is not economical. In these situations, the EcoPRO is an excellent, single-use oven that will keep the job on budget.

As an independent welder, the quality of your work is your greatest asset. The EcoPRO protects your electrodes, and the low price is easy on your wallet.

Similar to Lenco, Techniweld or Best Welds' 10 lb oven and backed by Phoenix’s one-year warranty, the EcoPRO is designed to be simple and effective, all with a minimal investment.

Country of origin: India

Voltage: 110 Volts
Heating element: 75 watts
Thermostat: Preset
Thermometer: (None)
Insulation: Ceramic wool (1.00 inch)
Chamber depth: 19.00 inches